How to predict number of bonds each element makes

How to Predict number of bonds each element forms

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Caution: This method works well for elements in Rows 1 & 2. Elements in row 3 and above may deviate from the guidelines as they can exceed octet. There’s a general guidelineĀ that is helpful in figuring out the number of bonds each element makes. This comes in handy especially when drawing Lewis structures. It’s called the HONC rule, or sometimes known as HONC 1234 rule. The number refers to the number of bonds each of the element makes: Hydrogen makes 1 bond, Oxygen makes 2 bonds, Nitrogen makes 3 bonds and Carbon makes 4 bonds. These four elements are widely used when it comes to drawing Lewis structures at introductory chemistry level. You might be curious to know why those elements make the stated number of bonds. It’s pretty simple if you look at their […]